About Us


Sense42 is an online beauty retailer based in the United Kingdom, specialising in fragrances, makeup, skincare and more. We launched in 2020 with the goal of bringing a fresh, customer-first approach to the online Fragrance and Beauty industry, and ever since we have been engaging with our customers to improve their online shopping experience.

Here at Sense42, providing you with an enjoyable, stress-free way to order fragrance and beauty products online is our top priority. To do so, we focus on three key things:

  • Service
  • Product
  • Price


Our absolute number one priority is to provide an unrivalled level of customer service for all users of Sense42, not just our customers. Firstly, we provide expert advice and support to potential customers looking to purchase. We strive to ensure that every order is processed smoothly from start to finish, however, on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, we aim to resolve any issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible – this means either issuing an instant refund or sending a new product out straight away.

Ultimately, we want all of our customers to shop with us again and for that we feel maintaining the highest level of customer service is vital.


When sourcing our products we have one thing in mind: the customer. We strive to stock the hottest brands and trending products, ranging from luxury designer brands such as Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs to also place importance on stocking your cosmetics essentials.

We are constantly looking for new brands and the latest products to source and stock for our customers. Our suppliers maintain high levels of stock, meaning we always have the products you want and need ready to go. If we don't currently stock the products you are after, please – let us know!


Lastly and (for most customers) most importantly is price. Our goal is to offer all of our products at an affordable, competitive price, with the aim of being the lowest in the market where possible.

Similarly to our products, we are always reviewing our prices to ensure that we are giving our customers the best price we possibly can do – this can result in some game-changing deals.


If you have any questions about how we work at Sense42, please view our Frequently Asked Questions page where we have listed the most common questions we receive.

For anything related to returns and refunds, head to our Refund Policy page where you can find all of the relevant information.