How to build a capsule fragrance collection for men.

How to build a capsule fragrance collection for men.

Amy on 22nd Jun 2022

Let us talk about how to build a capsule fragrance collection for men.

Now, whether you're starting in fragrances or if you have a vast collection and are looking to downsize, a capsule fragrance collection is versatile, and you'll make the most use out of a minimal amount of items.

I've come down to five fragrances that will cover you on different occasions. I have five designers and five niche fragrances. So that there's one for everyone, and by the way, these other fragrances that I like to smell on a guy, you don't necessarily need to get all these perfumes; by all means, a capsule collection will reflect your style.

So you do you, if you have fragrances that you prefer, go ahead with those. These are just fragrances that I enjoy smelling on a guy and recommend to you.

The first fragrance you'll need is an everyday scent. This will be a versatile perfume that you can wear 365 days a year, all four seasons.

One essential gentleman that you can easily transition from day to night. So you can wear it to the office in more casual settings and say you have drinks with friends, family, girlfriend, whoever it may be.

You can also wear the scent. So the one designer I recommend that pretty much does it all is Le By You, you probably already have this fragrance in your collection.

It is a staple in my opinion, and say, if there's only one perfume that you should get, I would recommend Le. This is a fresh spicy Woody fragrance centred around cardamom. And cedarwood is also a little almond going on in the background, thanks to the Toka be.

But essentially this is a Woody spicy scent, a pretty safe fragrance to get. If you're looking for an all in one design of fragrance, the only drawback though is the performance. It's not a super long lasting perfume. So you need to overspray with this fragrance, get yourself a big bottle and also spray on your clothes so that you can smell it throughout the day. And so that it stays longer as for the niche version, I would recommend gentle fluidity, silver by MAISON Fossi K jaw. This perfume essentially smells like a luxurious gin and tonic. You're gonna get a big kick of Juniper berries, especially in the opening. So Juniper is gonna give you a little bit of bitter gin and tonic feeling. You also have some light, Amber nuances, a tiny bit of vanilla and quite a big dose of Umbro sand. So this fragrance is fresh, extremely cooling and fur Fresh.

It lasts a very long time. This perfume on my skin lasts over 12 hours and projects really strongly, which is great for a fresher scent. I would say to opt for this perfume, if you have fragrances in your collection, like creative. So those like really likable Freshy perfumes, and you want something a little bit more elevated than definitely go for this one next up. You'll need an evening. And date nights sent. So one fragrance that you can wear during the night time. And I would recommend going for a stronger Boulder fragrance, whatever notes that may be. I personally prefer to smell sweeter, spicier fragrances on a guide. So I would recommend as a designer spice bomb extreme by Victor and heart. This is literally the It is a bomb of cinnamon pepper. There's a little bit of Cuan as well that I can smell in the dry down on my skin. Doesn't bother me too much though. Overall, this fragrance is so good. You have some tobacco, there's some vanilla, so it's spicy sweet and just really good.

Oh, this smells so amazing. I actually like to wear it. Sometimes it is that good. I think this is a really likable fragrance. So it's a win-win for the niche version. It is super bold, super magnetizing for greatness by an, this is a spicy Ude with nutmeg and also a very big dose of saffron. And it has like a little bit of sweetness that is reminiscent of Becca hosh by, but by no means, is it the same fragrance? It has like a little bit of nod to that scent with a lot of spices woods. And to me, this is very masculine. This on a guy smells insane. My husband wears it sometimes and it smells so good. A hundred percent date-night approved. Definitely. And it is another beast mode performer.

So this fragrance lasts on the skin easily over 12 hours, huge projection. The Centra is so intoxicating and smells really, really good. It is expensive, but in my opinion, it is totally worth the splurge. Ooh, for greatness by ISU Beth, next up we have the seasonal fragrances and let's start with spring and summer first spring and summer, I'd recommend going for fresher fragrances, either citrusy or fragrances that have aquatic Marine nuances, something that is quite invigorating, especially when it's like super hot and sticky outside. Those are the type of scent that I would recommend to you. And within that profile, I have a really affordable one for the designer side. It is NTIC of voyage by Nica. This is a really fresh aquatic like scent with transparent florals. Don't worry. It is totally masculine. It's not because there's flowers in here that is gonna be feminine, which are complemented by a pop of apple, like really crisp apple, as well as masculine woods.

To me, this smells like a fresh sea breeze. Imagine you're sailing on a boat in the summertime, you get this refreshing sea breeze. You can hear the waves. That is the kind of scent that Natika voyage is. It is super easygoing and really versatile. So it's one that you can pretty much wear all summer round during the day, but also in the evenings. I think it will do really well on like hot summer evenings. It's a casual, sporty chic sort of fragrance masculine, extremely likable. And again, I don't think you can really go wrong with this fragrance, especially if you like fresher aquatic fragrances. As for the niche option, I went with a citrus. It is Bohemian lime by Goldfield and banks and guys, this fragrance is super powerful and long lasting for a citrus scent, which is incredible. This perfume to me, smells like you're chilling maybe into loom somewhere in Mexico, living the Bohemian life, sipping on a citrus alcoholic cocktail.

It is that sort of fragrance, very chilled, laid back summer holiday vibes. It has notes of Australian finger lime, which basically looks like caviar lime. So not your traditional lime it's complimented with sandalwood. And to me, this almost gives me like a fizzy citrus ginger cocktail. I find it to be a little bit spicy, which I think is very nice and quite unusual for a citrus scent as well. So gentlemen, if you're looking for a long lasting citrus that also projects pretty strongly, I highly recommend this fragrance. It is one of my holy grail recommendations for men for the summertime, for the wintertime. This is totally dependent on personal taste, but personally I prefer fragrances that are woodier Spier and a little bit sweet for me, but also on my husband. So with that in mind, I would recommend Joha intense. This is a staple for the wintertime.

You get that really addictive Iris know that you find the original, but it's not as lipstick in this perfume. And you also have the addition of Ambra sea that is gonna give you a pair like note. So like a fruity playful pop to the scent. You have some woods still with pet truly, and a bit of that C Latino O it's delicious, very masculine, very sexy last all day on the skin. It is great as well for evenings in the colder months. It projects. It's just really, really nice for the niche version. We're gonna go a little bit more daring with also SW by MEF Kamya. This is an incense dominant fragrance. And if you don't like incense-like me, don't turn your back on the scent because it smells really good. And even though the incense is prominent, it is an exceptional perfume in my opinion.

So this fragrance is gonna give you these, like church-like incense vibes. So like, imagine you're entering a church, you're surrounded by wooden benches and there's incense floating in the air. That is what you're gonna get with the opening of the scent. And it's gonna develop a sweetness as it warms to the skin. So it's complimented with notes of benzoin. So that bombing resonance feeling with vanilla accents. And you also have a note of coffee, which adds a little bit of surprise and intrigue to the perfume. And this is what I like about this perfume. It doesn't smell like anything else. And so if you're looking for a unique autumn-winter fragrance, then definitely check out AAL SW me, Poya also do samples on their website. You can either get the little vials or also minis to try this perfume, which I think is really great.

And yeah, just thought, I'd share that little tip with you in case you didn't want to invest in the full size bottle and the last fragrance that you'll need in order to complete your fragrance collection. It is a formal scent, and gentlemen, when it comes to formal perfumes, my tip to you would be again, have a look at what kind of notes you like in fragrances and go for a note that is familiar to you. That will make you feel confident, but that is a little bit more elevated. So it's similar to your signature scent, but with more of that sophisticated touch, and one of the ingredients in all men's fragrances that I find is super chic and elegant is vet bear. And I would always recommend a vet bear dominant perfume for you guys for a formal event. So the designer version that I have, which I love, and I've talked so much about on this channel is NA this is a modern Viva fragrance that has Cardone.

So a little bit of spice, some Musks as well, and this really bright Viva notes, it is a super easygoing fragrance. And that's kind of what you want, I guess, from a formal scent, you don't wanna go too crazy in terms of choosing a formal perfume. You want a fragrance that is smart, but at the same time, that's not gonna intoxicate a room because you don't necessarily want everyone to notice you through your fragrance. I would opt for a fragrance that is softer and moderately projecting, which is exactly what this perfume is. The projection is moderate and that's yeah, as I said, that's what you need in a formal setting. As for the niche version, another VE dominant fragrance that is fantastic and really unique smelling is CRI by attribute. This is a leather to VE perfume, and it will smell quite strong when you first spray, it it's really in your face, but it will settle onto the skin and give it a few hours.

And the projection will be moderate. Now, the way that the leather smells in this fragrance, isn't too strong. It's more of a swayed like leather. So quite chic and sophisticated. It's not gonna give you leather car seat vibes. Not at all is very chic and elevated. And the VIR is smoky a little bit earthy. And this perfume to me is simply extraordinary. And frankly, this is my favorite man's fragrance from the utter Deza collection and will definitely bring your entire look together. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments down below, what are your five fragrances that you would keep in your collection? If you could only have five, I would love to know. Thank you so much for watching and remember to spread the fragrant love.